Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day One Hundred and Ninety-One: Leaning

Leaning:  April 9, 2009
I wound up driving all around Dallas this evening because of my brother. He invited me to come out and see his friend play somewhere downtown with him, but then he didn't answer his phone when I got to his place, and since he didn't tell me where his friend was playing, I headed over to Cory's instead. On the way there, I took pictures from inside the truck. When I finally got almost all the way to Cory's my brother called me and said he'd forgotten his phone earlier, but told me where the show was going to be. A few minutes later, he called to say that the guy was going on stage right then.

So I gave up on that plan and just stayed in at Cory's for the evening. Oh well.

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