Monday, September 29, 2008

No New Clothes Initiative 2.0

Last winter I embarked on a No New Clothes Initiative in which I didn't buy any new clothes for six months, instead only buying thrifted or otherwise repurposed or recycled clothes. After that project ended, I allowed myself to buy some new clothes (buying mostly basics--jeans, tank tops, tights--and a couple of splurge items) over the summer.

I love Lawrence.
Now, though, I'm ready to take on the No New Clothes Initiative again, this time with an additional rule: no ebay.

The project has already unofficially begun, so I'm going to count the start date as September 27th, just like last year, so that the end date can be my birthday, March 27th.

Red, White, & Blue
I do this in part to save money, in part to diminish my environmental impact, and in part because I simply like the challenge. I'm looking forward to this. Part of my love of fashion, after all, is wrapped up in the thrill of finding the perfect item in the midst of all the not-perfect stuff at the thrift store and in the excitement of discovering something wonderful I'd never dreamed of. For me, those joys can't be matched by buying new, mass-produced clothing.

100% Thrifted:  Blinding Edition
[All outfits featured in this post are fully thrifted.]

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madam0wl said...

I'm trying to do this too... this December it will have been a year since I've purchased any "new" clothes. There isn't anything I really feel the need to splurge on other than maybe to replenish my tights and boots or something like that. But I think I can even get away without those things.

Good luck! It is pretty easy to do, isn't it?