Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Welcome to my new blog (better than the old blog): Squirlaraptor!

As I explain in the final post of my old blog, Fashion Explorations, I was just done with the narrow focus of that blog and wanted to be able to write about a wider variety of topics. So instead of trying to turn Fashion Explorations into something it was never meant to be, I figured I'd just get a fresh start with a new address and a new name.

And what about that name? Squirlaraptor is a word I made up as a nickname for my kitty, Sophie. She is a little bit squirrelly in coloring and she has a mean raptor-style kick with her back legs. So: Squirlaraptor.

When I decided I wanted a new blog and a name for an etsy store I'm developing, something more inventive than my usual handle (cmt2779), I couldn't think of anything better. Ultimately, it really does describe some key elements of who I am. I don't think I look squirrelly, but I do have a curious nature and a tendency to hoard. And I don't think I'm particularly mean (and I haven't tested my kicking skills lately), but I can be fierce and I have a real love of the hunt. Well, I love the hunt for awesome clothes and new ideas, anyway. (Since I'm a vegetarian and am concerned about issues of environmentalism and animal rights, I don't so much love the kind of hunting that involves guns and death.)

So this is just to say hello. I hope that if you're reading this post today you will come back for more later and that you will check out my new etsy shop, too, as I get it started over the next few days.

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