Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hair cut - rough draft

I have been feeling extremely bored with my hair lately and I'm also trying to grow out the black dye in my hair and see how I feel about going back to my natural haircolor (or something closer to it). I do not like going to have my hair done and I hate paying to have my hair done, so I figured the best way to take care of both of these problems at once was just to cut it off.

And that's what I did. I was a little nervous beforehand (and I deliberately waited until I was done teaching for the semester, just in case I really messed it up), but I got up this morning and chopped off several inches. It's pretty short again (but not as short as it once was). I'm considering this a first draft haircut. I'm going to style it today and maybe tomorrow, too, and see how I feel about it and then maybe take another run at it. If this is a rough draft, it may need some editing--especially in the back.

New haircut

Overall, though, I think I'm pretty pleased with it. And after I cut it off I realized there's another major benefit: No hair on my neck during the summer. Hooray!

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