Thursday, October 16, 2008

Couldn't bear to give it up

The other day while I was modelling and photographing items to list on etsy, I tried on this dress and took a bunch of pictures of myself in it. After posing in it and looking at the pictures, I realized that I really didn't want to give it up. At least not yet.

The realization surprised me a little bit. I mean, I knew it was a cool dress, but when I bought it over the summer I didn't think it felt like me. I guess my sense of what kinds of things I'm comfortable in has expanded somewhat.

Vintage goodness
So I wore it to school today for teaching. Nobody commented on it, but I felt all day that a) I looked damn good, and b) I was way overdressed for the environment.

I guess I should be used to the fact that nobody else dresses up in vintage dresses to go to school, but I'm not. It makes me kind of sad, actually, that I seem to be the only one.

Outfit details:
Dress: thrifted in Lawrence, KS, this summer
Shoes: thrifted at my local Goodwill store (I love that place!)


Missa said...

That dress is so gorgeous on you! You should definitely not give it up, I love the collar :)

Maybe if more people dressed up for school then others would be more likely to as well and feel more comfortable. Someone has to go first I guess, kudos for having the courage to be the one!

Laura jane said...

I agree with Missa- maybe your classmates are still mustering the courage to let their inner vintage-vixens out. You look lovely in that dress!

madam0wl said...

great dress!

also cute stuff in your shop *faves the size 10 shoes*

I often wondered why I was the only one "dressing up" for school too. As a TA, I think the faculty appreciated it... and it gave me more of a feeling of authority in the classroom too. Getting to dress up is one thing I miss the most about not returning to school this year!

Christy said...

Thanks guys!

The weird thing about people dressing up or not on my campus is that it's not just a matter of the students dressing really casually but the professors, too. I'm a GTA, so I'm both student and teacher and I find myself overdressed in both capacities. It's a pretty low-key atmosphere, so a lot of the professors dress somewhat casually. And those who don't dress professionally. I'm generally dressed neither casually nor professionally (in terms of business professional).

Oh well. Most days it doesn't bother me much. It actually makes me feel kind of special. :-)