Monday, October 6, 2008

Stylemob: yea or nay?

I've been using stylemob since its inception, but I'm seriously contemplating deleting my account and abandoning the site. I rarely visit it (I get a lot more out of wardrobe_remix on flickr anyway) and when I do visit it I tend to be put off by it.

I don't like the voting element of stylemob and I don't like the tone of too many of the comments I receive. There are a lot of really nice people who use stylemob, but I also get comments like this one: "okay.... no comment but you need a stylist hunni." That comment was left on this outfit:

Spring has sprung!
I can respect that not everyone shares my taste (and sometimes even I don't like all of my outfits so much in retrospect), but I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. Especially not from someone who hasn't uploaded any photos herself and who has commented on one of my other photos, saying: "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkh."

What do others think of stylemob? Have you had good experiences? Bad experiences?


David Reinke said...

I agree - no one needs that kind of negativity. I just started a company, StyleHop, where we hope to eliminate the elitism/snob factor while still be a destination for fashion easy feat.

Would love your feedback on what you think of the site (still in alpha mode with additional functionality rolling out in the coming weeks and months). For now we are targeting college students but we will expand to 20-30 somethings as we develop the audience.

Thanks and best to you.

madam0wl said...

Hi, I'm just making my way through my RSS feeds, pardon my lateness.

I've signed up for several of those other style posting sites. I think I did do stylemob once, plus some other thing that changed names once? and then modepass. But with each one, I've signed on, added a few pics, and then never went back. No draw for me. Not sure if it is an age thing, or culture thing or what. Others have said it better than me, but the DIY / egalitarian feel of w_r keeps me coming back.