Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Viva La Stewart!

I'm becoming more and more engrossed in the debates and news surrounding the upcoming election, and it is beginning to show in my clothing. I can't wear my Obama shirt to teach in, so I did the next best thing today: I wore my Jon Stewart shirt.

I love Jon Stewart.
I actually wore the sweater partially buttoned while I was teaching to keep Jon Stewart's face from being too obvious and too distracting in class as I taught, but just having him there made me feel a little better.

I enjoyed this outfit not just because of Jon Stewart, though. The bright colors and contrast between the red shirt and electric blue/purple skirt made me happy, plus it turned out to be really quite comfortable, suitable not only for walking back and forth from school (comfy shoes--yay!) but also for moving around the classroom and for sitting. Not all of the outfits I enjoy aesthetically allow for ease in all of those activities.

Outfit details:
Jon Stewart tee shirt: I'm not sure anymore
Skirt: thrifted
Belt and sweater: Target
Tights: we love colors
Shoes: Naturalizer

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