Monday, December 7, 2009

Flickr Inspiration: PyunpyunMaru

This week in my Flickr Inspiration series I want to highlight PyunpyunMaru. He is a photographer in Tokyo who takes stray cats as his primary subject.

I love cats (and good photos of cats) and frequently find myself searching flickr for the next best kitty picture, so this is probably how I came across his stream. His series of stray cat photos includes what are perhaps the best photos of stray cats I've come across.  They stand out as good photographs, but more than that, they regularly capture elements of normal feline life.  In other words, his cat photos are about more than just cats being cute. 

Ordinarily, I would feature samples of photography in a post like this, but this time because of copyright and licensing issues I can't really do that. Instead, I will just urge you to click on over and check out his photostream.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the stray cats series:
cat_117 (sad and lonely)
cat_174 (I think. Therefore I am.)
cat_177 (Say Cheese!! part.2)
cat_180 (C'est la vie)
cat_229 (expansive mood)
cat_269 (feel left out.....Is three a crowd? ...)

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