Monday, December 7, 2009

Honeymoon, Part 10: Lake DeGray + Creepy Cowboy Statue

Driving out of Hot Springs on Highway 7, you cross Lake DeGray.  When I lived out there, this is the lake we used to go to for fishing and swimming.  We stopped there for a while to look around and take pictures.  Because it was a cold and gray day (and a Monday), it was pretty much empty, though occasionally people would drive by very slowly and look at us.

LeafNo LifeguardBuoysBenchThe GroundLake DeGray.
The part of the park we visited had a playground as well.  I would've gone down the slide if it hadn't been wet, but wet butt is really no fun in the cold.  Cory did play on a mysterious piece of playground equipment, if playing means standing on it and giving me and my camera the stink-eye.

SlidePurple & YellowYellowCory
I liked taking shots of the water itself.  The second of these is documentation of Cory's failed attempt to skip rocks.  It didn't skip so much as splash.  I must point out that he did successfully skip rocks, too; I just didn't memorialize the successes.

And then there's this weird fuzz.  It was all over the dead leaves on the ground, but I have no idea what it is.  Anybody know?

Weird fuzzy growth 
Finally, on the drive home we decided to stop somewhere in east Texas to eat something and discovered this creepy cowboy statue outside a neighboring Best Western Motel.


This concludes the digital photography portion of our honeymoon. I have just gotten the film photos back from the lab, though, so I'll be posting a few more honeymoon photos soon before it's all over.

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