Sunday, December 6, 2009

Honeymoon, Part 9: The Fog

On our way out of Hot Springs, we stopped near a house where I used to live. It's at the foot of a small mountain and so we--of course--decided to drive up to the top of the mountain and look around. Cory was a little nervous because it was a steep and windy drive and his car isn't really made for that, but we made it fine. We drove into some serious fog before we made it to the top, which compromised our view. Plus, the very top was fenced off and housed some kind of power exchange, but we got out and I took some pictures anyway.

LinesBarbed WireFogTreesConcertina Wire (2)BranchesThornsLines in the fog
And then we headed back down. We stopped partway down so I could take a picture of the view from as high up as possible.

Into the fogView from the Top
At the time, I was a little sad that it was such a misty (and foggy) morning because I'd wanted to take some nice pictures of the two of us downtown in the morning sunlight (we only have one picture of teh two of us together, not counting the one from this trip where he's biting my head), but seeing these pictures now, I'm glad of the change in weather--and I'm glad it didn't happen until we were done hiking and on our way out of town.

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